Verona Bike & Rafting

Bike + rafting combo: visit of bridges, squares and monuments in Verona, and easy descent of the Adige river on rubber boats

Tour on request
  • easy / family tour: 10 km
  • full day
Verona Bike & Rafting


• Verona down town by bike

• Easy rafting experience

We will visit Verona on our bikes: its city centre, its famous monuments and squares as well as its hidden and less known streets and alleys. We will ride by the river Adige to enjoy it from above and see the bridges under which we will raft afterwards: Ponte Pietra, Ponte di Castelvecchio, Ponte della Vittoria.

After a break in the neighbourhood called San Zeno to enjoy the view of the majestic Romanesque cathedral and to have a little snack, we will cycle to the dock where our rafting adventure starts. There, we will leave our bikes and descend the river. Rafting is an unusual and original way to enjoy the charm of the city, built and developed by the river.