Valpolicella & Zýmé Winery

Flat and easy ride among the vineyards in Valpolicella. Visit to Zýme winery, light lunch and wine tasting, including Amarone Riserva

Tour on request
  • Easy: 15 km
  • Full day
Valpolicella & Zýmé Winery
Wine tasting, history, lanscape

• Wine tasting and visit to Cantina Zýme

• Romanesque church of San Floriano

• Visit of Villa Mosconi Bertani with wine tasting

• Landscape of the Amarone and Valpolicella vineyards

We cycle towards the countryside along an enjoyable bike path: before leaving the city centre, it’s impossible not to wonder in front of the Basilica of Saint Zeno. We reach Valpolicella region and we cycle among vineyards and Venetian Villas, until we get to San Floriano, overlooked by the romanesque church of Saint Floriano.

The visit to Zýme winery is the highlight of the tour. We have a light lunch accompanied by the tasting of 10 wines, including the great Amarone Riserva 2003. We cycle back to Verona stopping first in front of Villa Mosconi Bertani, stunning villa surrounded by vineyards, and then in a renowned ice-cream shop. We reach the city centre following the River Adige and finally crossing the Castelvecchio bridge.

The new winery Zým? is designed by architect Moreno Zurlo whose design concept lays in the enhancement of the relationship between man and nature. The architectural solution exalts the place where it is built, which is an old cave dating back to 1400. The building foundations are covered with calcareous stone extracted at the time of digging. The shell is then made of a second metal brown skin. The weaving design and the veining of the vine leaves give it a poetic touch and make the volume even more celestial..