Verona Resia Verona

Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th June 2018
Randonnée Verona Resia Verona - Traguardo Volante

From Verona to Lake Garda and to Passo Resia: the sources of the Adige River

The starting point is at Sant’ Ambrogio di Valpolicella (Verona) and the arrival is at Adige river sources – just from a few meters from Austria’s border. At Resia there is the turning point from where you take the way back to Valpolicella (Verona). Slope going downwards. The path is going to be pretty different from the previous. That is, from South to North there is the alpine chain, while on the way back we find the level ground that makes widen and widen. Later, you will enjoy Lake Garda landscape arriving till Riva del Garda (the northest point of the Lake). From here you will reroute to Mori towards Val Lagarina, the Adige’s river great valley. You’ll ride through Trento, towards Caldaro lake riding up to Appiano (along the wine way) and riding down towards Bolzen.

Afterwards, you’ll ride along Val Venosta and you ride up to Passo Resia pass through the bikeway. At Resia pass you can take a pleasant break and enjoy the view of the lake surrounded by the mountains. This is the arrival point for the 300 kms track. At that moment – depending on your shape and on the weather – you can decide if going on with the adventure of the 600 kms. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t plan it in advance. It’s up to you!

From there you go through Val Venosta along the long-lasting Valle d’Adige. When you arrive in Verona, you will ride along the left Adige’s bank – through the recent cycle path that goes through Chiusa di Ceraino, dominated from the majestic Rivoli fort, on the to of hill. In a while you will ride back to Valpolicella. 

The track twist and turn through cycle paths, as much as possible. In this way, you will ride safely and quietly enjoying the surrounding breathtaking landscapes.
Please, considering that the way is a public one, it is asked the maximum respect for cyclists and pedestrians, that you will come across along the track.


In French language Randonnée means ‘walk’, it concearns long-lasting distances and perfect for well-trained cyclists. The regulations provides for cyclists to ride on his own. The competition time is important for the race success but it is not the most important thing. In fact, in the Randonnée philosophy stands out the touristic component to live possibly together. It doesn’t exist a winner! The training is fundamental but the race time is connected to your wellness firts of all! Above all, it is a challenge with yourself.

You can choose any kind of bicycle; the most important thing is to have the muscular propulsion.


DATE: Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th June 2018


Hall 23 (Ex Fiera Marmi) - Via G. Marconi, 13 | 37015 - San Ambrogio di Valpolicella (Verona) (next to the Paolo Brenzoni Art Institute of Marble)


Saturday 16th 2016 from 05:30 a.m. to 06:00 a.m.


Maximum hourly average: 33 kms – Minimum hourly average: 15 kms.
kms 600: minimum time allowed 20 hours; maximum time allowed 40 hours.
kms 300: minimum time allowed 10 hours; maximum time allowed 20 hours.


The itinerary is not marked. each participant will be able to download it by means of a link that will be given. Gpx files will be loaded on your gps, moreover you will find a road book to print up (it consists in detailed maps of the itinerary). 


At the DEPARTURE and during the itinerary there will be several check points where you will be asked to show your CARTA ROSA, in order to let it sign/stamp from a member of our staff. 

DEPARTURE from Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella (Verona)
Control and refreshment available at:

1 - BICIGRILL Duchi's – Via del Garda, 5 – 38065 LOPPIO (TN)>
2 - BICIGRILL Bike Break – Piazza Trento – 38010 FAEDO (TN)
3 - LAGHETTO BRUGG (da Teresa) – Brugg, 10 (Frazione di Corces) – 39028 SILANDRO (BZ)
4 - HOTEL EDELWEISS – Via Nazionale, 28 – 39027 RESIA (BZ)
5 - LAGHETTO BRUGG (da Teresa) – Brugg, 10 (Frazione di Corces) – 39028 SILANDRO (BZ)
6 - BICIGRILL Bike Break – Piazza Trento – 38010 FAEDO (TN)

7 - BICIGRILL Ruota Libera – Località Vò Destro – 38063 AVIO (TN)

ARRIVAL at San Ambrogio di Valpolicella (Verona)


kms 600: Verona – Sunday the 17th of June within 10:00 p.m. CARTA ROSA delivery.
kms 300: Resia – Sunday the 17th of June within 1:30 a.m. Control at Resia, CARTA ROSA delivery to Verona.

At last, Good riddance!! At the end of this great challenge, where we will share the joy by offering you a refreshing Pasta Dish!! (from 11:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.) Greeting and “ARRIVEDERCI” to the next adventure!!!!


Online registration in the column on the right, by clicking on the blue button 'Add to cart'. The system is safe. Online enrollments will close on the 14th of June.It will be possible to enroll on Friday the 15th June and Saturday morning the 16th from 05:00 to 05:30 p.m. Each on line registration has to be considered confirmed. Enrollments will be open up to 450 participants. After this number they will be officially closed.

Registration will close when reaching of 450 participants.


On Friday the 15th of June – from 04:00 p.m. to 08:00 p.m. - and on the 17th June – from 11:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m there will be delivered at the meeting point: the T-shirt, the package and the bicycle plate.
The best time suggested for stuff delivery is Friday afternoon. In this way you will have the stuff for starting the race by placing the plate on your bicycle frame and wearing the T-shirt.The early delivery of the filled out statement form will quicken the departure of Saturday morning.

WARNING: INDEPENDENCE WANTED! Before the departure each participant has to sign a statement (modello Ari Audax) that declares a previous adequate physical training and states any exemption of responsibility from liability, the organizer of the event and the members of the staff (from every obligation to pay compensation of any kind or by way of damages, compensation , refunds, etc ...). The form (only in Italian) can be downloaded in the right column.


Hall 23 (Ex Fiera Marmi) - Via G. Marconi, 13 will be available locker rooms and warm showers. It is possible to camp free of charge with your on stuff and to park your car or camper. The arrival is possible on Friday the 15th of June. It is also possible to book the night of Sunday 17th June. In this case, the departure has to be within 09:00 a.m. on Monday the 18th.


At Passo Resia is possible to book at the public gym equipped with restrooms and showers. Your own sleeping bed and air mattress could be delivered by our luggage transfer service. Accommodation service at Hotels is possible as extra service. We can give you information about it. You can book them also later on.


Please, read carefully the program and the information given before asking. If you need any help, send us a mail.
Send a mail to Sport Verona Simonetta Bettio [email protected]


Technical cycling jersey, 2018 edition



Traguardo Volante and Giorgio Murari - the legendary Musseu, with the organizational support by Sport Verona, propose the fifth edition of the Randonée Verona - Resia - Verona. There are two options

BRI/ARI BREVET  complete route, 600 km, Verona - Resia - Verona. Randonneurs Italia Brevet.

BRI/ARI BREVET   300 km route, from Verona to Resia. Randonneurs Italia Brevet.


€ 30 fee for 300 km and 600 km
Massimo 450 iscritti


  • Technical cycling jersey, 2018 edition
  • Bike plate, 2018 edition
  • Goody bag with local products
  • Luggage transport from Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella (Verona) to Passo Resia (i.e. sleeping bag, mat…).
  • Dressing rooms and warm showers at the arrival in Palazzetto dello Sport
  • Pasta party at the arrival, from 11:00 to 18:00
  • Sports massage at the end of the randonnée




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Banco Popolare BPM

Cantina Zenato

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