Our philosophy

We believe in the so-called slow way of traveling, even for the most challenging tours. A tour is enjoyable when you have the time to look around and be delighted by the landscape, feel the smells, listen to the sounds and meet new people.

The slow travel, discovering the world

Simonetta, talking about her company, says: …A 360 degrees curiosity means the desire to know, discover and learn not only the historical and artistic beauties of the cities and the places you come across in my tours, but also the trail itself, the landscapes and the nature.
I look for secondary roads with great patience, passion and attention. Only pedaling on these paths, you can feel safe, having time to look around and enjoying the bike trip. Sometimes, in order to track unusual paths, the sense of adventure and some adaptability are needed.
The value of sociality is not secondary in our groups, never too small or too large. The open mind and the willingness towards the other participants create unexpected friendships and new strong relationships. New travel mates make the convivial moments such a nice time!


What makes a quality tour
  • The paths are carefully studied and tested, and have their originality.
  • The proposals have a good balance of art, nature and culture. With the great satisfaction of reaching a place by bike, we will visit castles, villages, villas, palaces and wonderful towns, and also some nice wine cellar!
  • We prepare pic-nics with fresh ingredients. The pic-nic choice if for avoiding the loss of time for buying food or waiting at the restaurant: moreover, the places we choose where to eat are beautiful isolated locations (the service is available if support vehicle and luggage transport are included in the tour).
  • The limited number of travel mates offers the possibility of surprising friendships and nice convivial time.
  • The working team is made of prepared, motivated and dynamic people.
  • When included in the tour package, the constant presence of the agency van reassure the group: it is there for every need and all eventualities.
  • We have a particular sensitivity for the environment and we favor seasonal and organic products.
  • Regarding our multi days proposals, at the end of a day by bike we will relax in comfortable hotels, which are often located in the old historical center or in suggestive places, and enjoy selected and typical dishes.


Other services, available on request

  • First quality bikes rental, together with lock and an Ortlieb back pannier.
  • First quality e-bikes rental, together with lock and an Ortlieb back pannier.
  • The transport service for participants and bikes on the agency van.
  • Extra hotel booking (before and after the trip) for those who want to extend their stay.