Verona e-bike and hike itineraries

All scheduled tours to discover Verona and surroundings

The artistic and cultural wonders of Verona, the legends and the most romantic corners, rafting adventures on River Adige, the wine there where it is produced: get the best of the City of Love

Valpolicella hiking

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Verona Sunset hiking

A short hike by Verona’s walls, out of the city center

Lake Garda e-bike tour

From the city of Verona to the extraordinary views of Lake Garda, inland and lake front path

Verona, panorama e-bike tour

A runaway from the old crowded city center, to admire Verona from the hills and the viewpoints

Verona River rafting tour

Easy descent along Adige river, between the levees and under the bridges arches

Valpolicella wine e-bike tour

By e-bike out of the city center, along fresh waters. Valpolicella wine tasting there where it is produced

Verona bike tour

Along the Adige river and narrow streets of Verona, discovering stories and secrets of the City of Love