Monti Berici and Euganean Hills

Discovering the Villas: along the Berica Riviera among vineyards and canals, discovering Villa La Rotonda, apotheosis of Palladio, and Villa di Montruglio. Bike tour along the Bacchiglione river, until Villa dei Vescovi.

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  • Upon request
  • 3 days, 2 nights
  • beginners
  • Min. 6 participants
  • Battaglia Terme, Ponte alla veneziana
  • Vicenza, Villa La Rotonda di Andrea Palladio
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The itineraries take place between Berici and Euganean Hills, the heart of the region that hosts most of the masterpieces of Palladio, in Vicenza and surroundings.

We overnight in the recently-restored farmhouse of Villa Feriani in Colzè di Montegalda, starting point of two or three circular bike tours. Both tours are guided and include the visit of Villa of Montruglio, situated in a overlooking position at the foot of Berici hills, and Vicenza, rich of Palladian buildings: moreover, in the Euganean Hills area we visit Villa dei Vescovi.

  • DAY 1 / Villa La Rotonda: Palladio apotheosis

    Approximately 28 km - FLAT
    • The route follows the bike paths along Bacchiglione river until Vicenza old town, listed as UNESCO heritage site thanks to the many beautiful building designed by Palladio. Right off the city centre we visit Villa “La Rotonda”, the most famous Palladio’s building, then we cycle towards Fimon lake,   surrounded by lush hills mirrored on its calm waters. Along the route we can also visit Villa Valmarana ai Nani, that hosts amazing frescos painted by Tiepolo.

      Overnights for two nights in Colzè di Montegalda in the farmhouse of Villa Veriani 

  • DAY 2 / Riviera Berica and Villa di Montruglio

    Approximately 28 KM – FLAT
    • This bike tour leads us to the eastern side of Berici hills, an area surrounded by vineyards, corn fields, old farmhouses and many Venetian Villas: in the village of Costozza we can see six villas, built with innovative ventilation systems praised by Palladio. The majestic Villa di Montruglio, built at the foot of the hills, is one of the highlights of the tour. On the way back to Villa Veriani we cycle on safe bike paths in the middle of the countryside.

  • DAY 3 / Bacchiglione river and Villa dei Vescovi

    Approximately 48 KM – FLAT
    • The route follows the bike path of Bacchiglione river, that sinuously flows in the countryside skirting Villas and castles, like Montegalda and San Martino castles. One of the most beautiful villas we find on the route is Villa Emo Capodilista, an elegant late-renaissance villa surrounded by Italian gardens, situated in a strategical position near the Euganean hills. We cycle at the foot of the hills until the village of Torreglia, where Villa dei Vescovi overlooks the valley from the top of a small hill. Finally we take the way back following secondary roads and bike paths in the countryside.

Fee per person
  • Rates may vary depending on season and services

The route

The itinerary is round tour composed of three stages. The tour takes place mainly on bike paths and a few secondary low car traffic roads. Road bank is mostly apshalt or nice dirt road. The itinerary is mostly flat with a few light climbs.

  • Included
    • 2 overnights with breakfast in farmhouse of Villa Veriani
    • 2 city taxes
    • 3 itineraries by bike with English speaking tour leader
    • 1 English speaking bike tour guide
    • Bike rental
    • Visit of Villa Feriani
    • Visit of the externals of Villa La Rotonda in Vicenza
    • Guided tour of Villa Montruglio
    • Visit of Villa dei Vescovi
  • Not included
    • Lunchs, dinners, entrance to other villas, museums or monuments
    • Tips and everything not mentioned in the section “included”
    • Helmet rental
    • Medical and luggage insurance
  • Extra
    • E-bike rental
    • Transfer upon request

Please note

Bike rental

Padlock is included in the bike rental. Bike delivery and retired on the spot. 

Participants numbers

Minimum 6 participants.

Information and program changes

The tour is activated upon request and subject to availability of the Villa. This program can be modified and adding with lunchs and dinners and special experiences as wine tastings and many more.
English speaking leader. Other languages available upon request: Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and more.