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Verona, city of art

Riding a bike in romantic Verona, among history, art and excellent wines

Verona and the romantic love story of Romeo and Juliet; Verona, city of art and history; Verona, city of renowned wines and excellent food: let’s discover it by bike and by paddle on the river Adige.

Verona is well known all over the world for its Arena, the 2000 years old Roman amphitheatre, today still in use for the opera and other concerts, and for Shakespeare’s romantic love story of Romeo and Juliet, set in the medieval age with its sad, tragic ending.

That’s it? No, Verona offers much more. The city is a treasure chest, full of history and art, and that is why the city has been listed as one of the World Heritage Sites of the Unesco. The river Adige crosses the city located at the feet of the hills. In the surroundings of Verona, the Valpolicella area, with its vineyards, and Lake Garda, unique landscapes and habitats.

Our bike tours will guide you in the discovery of this well known part of Verona, which cannot be missed, but also in the discovery of a less known part of the city, those remote corners many tourists aren’t aware of. We want you to taste our Valpolicella, Custoza, Bardolino and Soave wines. We want to take you to small places where you may enjoy a slice of cake and a typical Italian coffee or cappuccino; we want to suggest you our traditional dishes in the most simple or top-level restaurants. In other words, we want you to go back home with the most precious and beautiful memory of our city, through a calm and nice bike ride.


Browsing around Verona

Precious monuments and ancient neighbourhoods, majestic buildings and hidden alleys; tasty breaks in handmade ice cream shops or in rustic restaurants with traditional local dishes.

Duration: 3 hours

Difficulty: beginners – 12 km

Highlights: Verona’s historical city centre; The most hidden corners.

Verona: bike and rafting

Exploring Verona by bike and then easily rafting on rubber boats on the river Adige: the most original and authentic ways to discover Verona and make it unforgettable.

Duration: 1 whole day

Difficulty: easy – a few km around the city | soft rafting

Highlights: The rafting descent on the river Adige; Verona historical centre; The river Adige and its bridges.

Valpantena and Villa Arvedi

Easy path in Valpantena, in the surroundings of Verona, by the crystal waters of the resurgences of Montorio, riding among vineyards and fields with a guided visit to Villa Arvedi of Cuzzano.

Duration: 1 whole day

Difficulty: beginners – around 35 km

Highlights: Guided visit to Villa Arvedi di Cuzzano; Villa Balladoro Malfatti; The resurgences in Montorio.

Valpantena and Tenuta Musella

Easy path in Valpantena, in the surroundings of Verona, by the crystal waters of the resurgences of Montorio. Visit to Musella Winery with organic wines tasting.

Duration: 3/4 hours

Difficulty: beginners – around 25 km

Highlights: Organic wine tasting and visit to Musella Winery and farmhouse; Villa Balladoro Malfatti; The resurgences in Montorio.