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Dates upon request

Through the Euganean Hills

Among medieval villages, walled-up cities and noble Ville Venete

An easy path among the Euganean Hills, throughout the farmlands and along the channels; with stop in Este, Monselice and Arquà Petrarca, and visit of Villa dei Vescovi and the Abbey of Praglia.

Dates upon request

Green-blue Salento

Along the sea, among ancient trees and baroque palaces

From Lecce along the ionic and adriatic coasts passing by Gallipoli, Leuca and Otranto. Go inward to discover the beautiful land full of flowers, menhir and cyclopean stones.

Dates upon request

Apulia and Matera

Sassi of Matera and Trulli: biking among typical architectures and green inland landscapes

From the Trani Cathedral to Del Monte Castle, to Matera. Among olivetrees and trulli architectures in Alberobello and in the Itria Valley. From Ostuni - the white - to Monopoli.

Dates upon request

Ravenna and the pinewoods

History, art and nature in the Park Delta del Po

Discovering the mosaics of the old Byzantine basilicas, the resin's smell of the historic pinewoods of San Vitale and Classe, and the pink flamingos of the Comacchio valleys.

Dates upon request

Corte Carezzabella

The riches of the flatlands of the Plain are: Fratta Polesine and Villa Badoer and the Abbey of S. Maria delle Carceri.

Two easy circular routes between the river Adige/Etsche and the river Po with accommodation at Corte Carezzabella. A visit to Fratta Polesine and the famous villa Badoer by Palladio, then on to Rovigo, Lendinara, Este and a visit to the Abbey of S. Maria delle Carceri.

Dates upon request

Eroica: a leggendary road

A magnificent immersion in Chianti Wine’s lands through the soft hills of Tuscany

L’Eroica path passing by Modanella’s Castle; among the soft hills of Siena, hidden countryhouses, small villages and boroughs, woods, vineyards, olive groves and endless green fields.

Dates upon request

Po Delta

Biking along the meanders of the big Po River until the Pomposa Abbey

Easy itineraries in the Po Delta area, among land and water, sea and lagoon, birds flights and rushes. Visit to the Pomposa Abbey and the museum of drainage system of Cá Vendramin.

Dates upon request

Albania, bike and sea

Tracking the southern coast and discovering history and stories in the inland valleys

Bike and sea in the uncontaminated Southern coast, then reaching the inland ancient towns of Berat and Gjirokastër, then rafting the spectacular canyon of the Osumi River.

Dates upon request

Spring in Albania

Tracking the coast and discovering the history of inland valleys

Tracking the uncontaminated Southern coast to Sarande, getting inland through wild valleys towards the old cities of Berat and Gjirokastër, then rafting the spectacular canyon of the Osumi river.

Dates upon request

Provence: Parc du Luberon

From Avignon to Senanque abbey through the orange hues of the ochres and the aroma of blooming lavender

Cycling in haute Provence, in the green of Parc Luberon exploring old stone-made villages. Pedalling through the green woods, the bright colors of the ochres and the lovely smell of the blooming lavender.

Dates upon request

Romantic Alsace

From Basel to Strasbourg amidst the vineyards and ancient villages with colored houses

Cycling from Basel to Strasbourg while flying in the sky storks. Biking through the rolling hills covered with vineyards and pretty villages with half-timbered medieval houses painted in soft colors.