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How to book a tour

Online booking

Dear friend,
please read what it is written below, so to know how to get inscribed to a tour and how does the booking work.
For now we still did not activate the online booking procedure in English, we will do it later on.
If you would like to take part to a travel, you are welcome! I just want to inform you that for now probably a lot of the participants are Italian, but don't worry, our tour guides speak English!
You can write to Elisa, our person in charge for the foreign correspondence. Her mail is elisa@simonettabiketours.it, she can write you in English or German, and will give you the information to get inscribed and answer to all your questions.
You may also be interested in knowing, that if you are a group already, we can organize something customized for you, your wish and need. We can also organize a tour guide only for you, who speaks English, German, French, Portuguese or Spanish. If the group has at least 16 people, the price would be just a little higher than what you can read in the program; if you are less than that, the price will vary and we can prepare an offer for you.
Thanks for your interest.

To book we suggest to follow what is written below.

Choose the Tour you want to take part to.
Read carefully the Tour program.
If it is the first time you participate, read carefully the general information too: our Philosophy, the difficulty of the Tours, our Package Tours, our insurances and what do you need to participate.
If you want to participate with a friend to share a double room, talk and agree with him/her, so that we can write his/her name as your room mate.
Read the Travel contract.
Once you have decided, enter the Tour page or in the 2012 Tour list and click on Online booking.
If you are interested, choose and click the optional services: people or bike transport, bike renting and so on, which can be confirmed once the Tour is confirmed. If an optional service that you choose is a fundamental condition for you taking part to a Tour, please note this aside.
When you fill up the form, you need also to give us the permission to treat you data. This is a prerequisite for participating to a Tour.

We ask your assent about sending you via email our newsletter. This is important if you want information about the next Tours.

Your assent, which we care more about, is the permission to use the pictures the agency takes during the Tours. You could come out in some of them.

Looking through the pictures of the travel is very much enjoyed by the participants and it is a nice way to remember the past experiences and keep in contact. We normally share them only with the Tour participants: they will be able to access to his own photo gallery. It would be very hard to give this service without everybody's assent. We might use some pictures to describe and advertise future Tours.

As you are filling up the booking form, a window will show you the price of the Tour, which updates as you ask for optional services.

At the end of your booking, you'll get an email with the confirmation that we received your form and the recapitulation of your data.

At this point, your booking request reached us, but can be confirmed only once we have received the deposit through bank transfer or paying-in slip.

As we receive the deposit, and after 10 days (your time and right for the second thought), the agency registers the payment, sends you the confirmation of the booking and (technically) the buy-and-sell contract of the Package Tour.

The right of the second thought cannot be exercised when the booking is done 60 days before the departure, that means once the Tour is confirmed.

The booking is much easier for who's already participated to our Tours: we have all the data already, you'll just need some clicks! Who is registered can also access to a dedicated area where to follow the updates of the booking and the payments, download the photos and others.

Booking two months before the departure

Normally the Tour is confirmed (or cancelled) two months before the departure. If you see the Tour proposal after this time and you want to get inscribed, write to the agency and make sure that the travel is confirmed and if there are still available places.
If this is positive, as you book the Tour, you'll need to pay the whole price of the Tour (not only the account).

Booking for more then one person

The online booking has to be done for every participant. Every booking needs an email address, which is the element which helps us for the specification of one person. The email address is the ID User to log in. A personal space is given to every ID User, where he/she can have an overview of the booking, modify the personal data if something changed, access to the complete photo galleries, which the tour guides made during the Tours one took part to.

If you don't have an email account and you cannot activate one, call or let the agency write it for you, or we will find a way (for example via fax) to inscribe you to the Tour you want to take part of.

Every participant needs to fill up his/her own form. The payment instead can be done for more people together. As down payment you need to transfer the account, which is written in the Program. If the booking is done once the Tour is confirmed already, the whole price of the Tour is to be paid.

It is important that the name of the participant/partecipants, the name of the chosen Tour (abbreviations are ok) and the day of departure and return are written in the bank transfer.