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How to participate

The bike

The ideal bike for our Tours is the touring bike, also called trekking bike. It is important that it has a light frame, very good gears, back pannier for a bag for one-day travel. Mountain bikes are also good, of course. On the other side racers aren’t recommended, because there’s often some dirt road in the Tours. To take part to the Tours, the bike cannot have any front basket: it would get in the way during load and unload operations, if that’s the case.

Control and bike maintenance

Before every travel, the bike must be controlled by an expert mechanic and has to be in perfect conditions. A particular care needs to be given to the condition of the brakes and the tires, the tension of the spokes and the fluency of the movements need also to be checked. An inadequate bike gives problem to you and to the group and can ruin the holidays. We recommend first quality tires (for example: Schwalbe Maraton Plus) to avoid as much as possible any puncture.

Punctures and breakdowns during the Tour

If you don’t know how to change a tire in case of puncture, don’t you worry: somebody in La Squadra (the team) or in the group will help you out. It is important though to have a spare inner tube. For more serious technical problems we will have to turn to a professional along the Tour path. These costs have to be afforded by the participant.

Tours’ wear

No particular clothing is required, but we suggest the use of technical clothing, which can give you the best comfort. Normally the Tour goes on with every kind of weather. This means that it is important to be prepared, also in the case of rain. The use of an helmet is recommended, even more so because we bike in group.

To make the organization easier and for comfort, we suggest not to bring a bulky or too heavy luggage, you don’t need too many changes.


Consider carefully your capacities in relation to the difficulty of the proposed Tour. Think also that a strong motivation gives the right input for a good training, which is necessary in order to enjoy the travel. Keep in mind that also the easiest path with unfavourable weather conditions can ask energy and a decent physical preparation.