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Our Philosophy

Slow travel

The way we propose to travel, in the easiest and in the advanced tours, is always the so-called slow way. A tour is enjoyable when we have the time to look around us and be delighted by the landscape, to feel the smells, listen to the sounds and meet new people. The tours for beginners need only a little previous practice on the bike. The tours with an advanced difficulty are recommended for those who enjoy up and downs and long paths, and don't need to set records.

The tours are cycling holidays and we prefer asphalt roads. In almost every tour thought, we will find some dirt road with smooth road bed. We want to avoid the busiest paths and discover suggestive places.

The best bikes are the trekking bike or the city bike with strong tires, or the mountain bike with faster and thinner tires. A back bag carrier is useful, you can hook a bike bag on it and avoid uncomfortable backpacks. We sell one of the best Ortlieb model of bike bag, for who cannot find it or want to have one with our color logo.

What qualify our tours

We choose to propose quality holidays, that is why we care about all those details which make a travel by bike enjoyable, entertaining and unique.

  • The paths are carefully studied and tested, and have their originality. To be able to appreciate the charm of the landscape and the historical-artistic beauties, we cover bike paths and quiet roads. That is the only way to enjoy and feel the surroundings.
  • The proposals have a good balance of art, nature and culture. With the bigger satisfaction of reaching a place by bike, we will visit castles, villages, villas, palaces and wonderful towns, and also some tasteful wine cellar!
  • At the end of a day by bike we will relax in comfortable hotels, which are often located in the old historical center or in suggestive places, and enjoy selected and typical dishes.
  • The limited number of the participants and fellow travelers offers the possibility of surprising friendships and nice convivial time.
  • The working team - La Squadra - is made of prepared, motivated and dynamic people.
  • Normally three tour guides lead each tour, two of them go by bike (one in front and one on the back of the group) and the third one drives the agency van.
  • The constant presence of the agency van reassure the group: it is there for every need and all eventualities.
  • The driving tour guide takes care about the transport of the luggages and prepare the packet lunches. A picnic together fortify the spirit of the group. It might be in a beautiful and a bit isolated place. In this way we don't need to stop by any market.

Other claimed services

To try to respond to the different demands of our clients, we offer further services:

  • Renting of first quality bikes: travel bikes for the tours in Italy and abroad, and mountain bikes for the tours in Albany.
  • Bike transport service for the clients from Verona to the starting point of the tour and from the last place of the tour back to Verona. The bikes will be collected and returned in Verona or in a place along the way. This allows a lighter and comfortable travel by train, plane or car with only passengers.
  • The transport service for the participants on the agency van. But the available seats are clearly only a few. Sometimes we rent an extra 9-places van.
  • Further booking at the hotels for the days before and after the tour in order to extend the holiday.

Organic products and sustainability

We have a particular sensitivity for the environment. For this reason, when possible, we favor organic products.

As for the travel from the private house to the starting point of the tour, we do our best to facilitate collective transports.