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Tour in bicicletta, Green-blue Salento

Green-blue Salento

From Lecce along the ionic and adriatic coasts passing by Gallipoli, Leuca and Otranto. Go inward to discover the beautiful land full of flowers, menhir and cyclopean stones.

Tour in bicicletta, Aquileia and Grado's Lagoon

Aquileia and Grado's Lagoon

A path in-between Palmanova and Grado, in a beautiful nature reserve, where the Isonzo river jumps into the sea. Visit of the Basilica of Aquileia and tasting of local Friulian wines.

Tour in bicicletta, Ravenna and the pinewoods

Ravenna and the pinewoods

Discovering the mosaics of the old Byzantine basilicas, the resin's smell of the historic pinewoods of San Vitale and Classe, and the pink flamingos of the Comacchio valleys.

Tour in bicicletta,  Sightseeing the ”Ville Venete”

Sightseeing the ”Ville Venete”

We will cycle a large ring north of Treviso, among countryside and canals discovering the famous Villas of the Veneto. Prestigious as well as unknown Villas will open their doors for us: in one of them we will spend the night.