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Tour in bicicletta, Through the Euganean Hills

Dates upon request

Through the Euganean Hills

An easy path among the Euganean Hills, throughout the farmlands and along the channels; with stop in Este, Monselice and Arquà Petrarca, and visit of Villa dei Vescovi and the Abbey of Praglia.

Tour in bicicletta, Apulia and Matera

Dates upon request

Apulia and Matera

From the Trani Cathedral to Del Monte Castle, to Matera. Among olivetrees and trulli architectures in Alberobello and in the Itria Valley. From Ostuni - the white - to Monopoli.

Tour in bicicletta, Corte Carezzabella

Dates upon request

Corte Carezzabella

Two easy circular routes between the river Adige/Etsche and the river Po with accommodation at Corte Carezzabella. A visit to Fratta Polesine and the famous villa Badoer by Palladio, then on to Rovigo, Lendinara, Este and a visit to the Abbey of S. Maria delle Carceri.

Tour in bicicletta, Po Delta

Dates upon request

Po Delta

Easy itineraries in the Po Delta area, among land and water, sea and lagoon, birds flights and rushes. Visit to the Pomposa Abbey and the museum of drainage system of Cá Vendramin.