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Our supplier and partners

How can we do, without you?

Francesco Piardi
Web designer: competent, precise and tolerant!

Assoguide Verona
The association of Verona's tour guides with which we collaborate.

Bashkim Hyka
Travel agency and tour guide
Friend and partner in Albania.

Grafiche Mave
Offset, typographic and digital print
Precision and quality

Traguardo Volante Service
Sell and repair bike shop
Luca and Pasquale are competent and helpful, they rent us the bikes for our clients

Cattazzo bus renting
Cattazzo Lorenzo, his buses and drivers, are our drivers during longer tours. He has two bike carts for 54 or 36 bike places.

Anna Fanshop
Anna prints on T-shirts, and even on difficult materials as the waterproof Ortlieb bike bags.

Ferula viaggi
Travel agency specialized in bike tours. it is our partner for the tours in Puglia and Basilicata

For fair exhibition and set ups, digital print on pvc and others
Experience and imagination!

SDM Pubblicità
Neon signs and stickers
Daniele is very nice and helpful!