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Corte Carezzabella


The riches of the flatlands of the Plain are: Fratta Polesine and Villa Badoer and the Abbey of S. Maria delle Carceri.

Dates upon request

"Here between the Adige and the Po the ancient Greeks and the peoples from the Baltic Sea would meet and swop precious ceramics with well wrought and elegant amber artifacts. Later on the Venetians and the Estensis introduced inland navigation and built sumptuous villas. More recently highly educated minds and men of great ideals have left here their teachings and their life". The quote is to be found in the history of Fratta Polesine.

This tiny little town situated along the amber route and a strategic trading post from time immemorial is bursting with 10 patrician residences including outstanding manor houses and  prestigious villas among which the Palladian Villa Badoer stands out as the star, part of the World heritage along with Villa Avezzù situated right opposite. Between the early years of the 15th and 17th century the wealthiest Venetian families had  their summer houses built here entrusting the most famous architects of the time with the achievement of their plans. The scholars and highly-minded men we mentioned earlier on were Giacomo Matteotti and the Carbonari from Fratta, whose deeds will be narrated during the tour.

Not only Fratta Polesine but the whole of the plain around Rovigo is steeped in history and offers a number of historical finds and works of art. Pedalling along canal side paths and across  endless green fields you will visit both the right and the left  side of the river Adige, biking on towards the Euganean hills, then Este and the Abbey of S. Maria delle Carceri, between the Adige and the Po, Rovigo, Fratta Polesine, Lendinara.

You will be staying at the cozy and welcoming farm hotel Corte Carezzabella for two nights. The farm is surrounded by huge orchards where fruit trees, vines and veg are being grown, successfully trying out a  wholly organic method. May is the best harvesting  time of the asparagus, which is grown by the farm owners in  both varieties: green and white. It is grown partly in the open field partly in cutting edge greenhouses operated by solar energy. Here the early produce is hand picked.

Before dinner, with orchards and vineyards as a constant backdrop in the horizon, we will walk and visit the asparagus orchard to see how this veg is harvested. We will also hear the narrative concerning this plant, the way it is grown and the various steps of its growth, which is something  very few are familiar with. Our "class" will come to an end at dinner, tasting a number of dishes, the staple ingredient being the delicious Carezzabella asparagus.

Sites of interest

UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Villa Badoer, in Fratta Polesine, along with Vicenza and all Palladio's villas in and around Vicenza.


This trip has already been tested and can be adapted to small or bigger groups. We propose  guided tours leaded by our guides who speak english, german, french, spanish and portuguese. We can provide this trip also without leaders as long as the group can follow the tracks using a gps since itineraries develop on broads that are not always easy to find.

On demand we can also provide other services as, for instance, a bus following the group or electric bikes and much more. Big groups are kindly invited to book in advance. 

To contact us:
Speaking english – spanish – french
Anna Magrin –

Speaking german – portuguese
Elisa Zambelli –

Services included in our previous tours

  • 2 night with breakfast in Agriturismo Corte Carezzabella.
  • 2 three-course-dinners with typical local recipes,one drink (1/4 liter wine or 300 cl beer), tap water and bread are included.
  • 2 light lunches, which includes pasta or sandwiches, fruit, a dessert, 1/2 liter water.
  • 2 tour guides by bike (one guide for groups from 12 to 17 people).
  • Visits (see the program).

Extra services

Bike renting. We can provide excellent quality bikes for the entire duration of the tour. Bikes are given and handed in on the spot.


How to Book



Duration: 3 days, 2 night, 2 biking days

When: to be defined; trip will take place upon groups reservation, small or big.

Difficulty: beginners

Where: Italy > Veneto

Tour description: The itinerary unfolds as follows: two circular routes starting and finishing at Corte Carezzabella. Both routes are over flat land along fairly quiet country roads, some stretches might be fairly busy with average traffic, some stretches are cycling paths proper. Most roads and tracks are paved, few are dirt roads, in good condition.

Visits: guided tour of: Santa Maria delle Carceri Abbey, Villa Badoer



Day 1
Independent travel with arrival at Agriturismo Corte Carezzabella in San Martino di Venezze.

Day 2
Corte Carezzabella > Abbazia di S. Maria delle Carceri
About 70 km – flat path

Day 3
Corte Carezzabella > Villa Badoer di Fratta Polesine
About 65 km – flat path
Than individual way back.

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