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Our cycling guide book

What's a cycling guide book?

Cycling guide books are a unique produce that our agency offers to all participants, a mean through which we want to provide the most important information about how to discover and learn about the places we reach.

In the guide book you'll find the general characteristics of the tour, which are also explained on the web site,  but we also take a deeper look into the history, the art and the nature of the places we visit along our itinerary.

The guide book is as follows:

- cover> with the picture from a spot of the tour; cover pictures are different for each edition of the book; 

- second cover > general map of the whole itinerary;

- fourth cover (last page) > scheduled tours of the year and all details about the agency.

Inside we can find: on the third page: description of the tour; then you'll find the general information on the itinerary: difficulty, duration, visits, and so on. On the following pages, for each day, a technical description of the tour with kilometers and heights, last the itinerary, with maps.

Leafing through the most substancial part you'll find information about the place, the art, the history and nature of those places we go to visit. Obviously this guide is no sobstitute of a travel guide but it can be really useful if you don't have take big books with you or if you wand to deepen your knowledge another time.

Further down you can take a look to some extracts of our 2011 cycling guides which show you what exactly we are talking about, its shape and its graphic.