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About me

My name is Simonetta Bettio. I'm married and I have one daughter and one son, Elisa and Antonio, they are grown up already. Trekking in the mountains and traveling by bike are my passions, which I share with my husband Davide too.

I've decided to begin this activity after a good and long experience as organizer and tour guide of bike travels for Fiab - Federazione Italiana Amici della Bicicletta (the federation which promote the use of the bike on the Italian territory) in my city: Verona. I'm still linked and inscribed to Fiab, and I support and share its goals and activities.

I've always been traveling by bike, in the past with family and kids when they were very young and more recently with friends. I believe that traveling by foot or by bike gives you satisfactions you cannot have in other ways.

After working for other agencies, in 2011 I founded Simonetta Bike Tours, aiming to characterize my proposals with a meticulous care about details.

My slogan Bike adventures for curious tourists fully interprets the spirit which moves me in the organization of my tours and which I'd love to find in the participants as well.

A 360 degrees curiosity means the desire to know, discover and learn not only the historical and artistic beauties of the cities and the places you come across in my tours, but also the trail itself, the landscapes and the nature.
I look for secondary roads with great patience, passion and attention. Only pedaling on these paths, you can have the possibility and the quiet to look around and enjoy the travel by bike. Sometimes, in order to track unusual paths, the sense of adventure and some adaptability are needed.

It is not secondary in our groups - not too small nor too large - the value of sociality.
The open mind and the willingness towards the other participants create unexpected friendships and new strong relationships. New fellows travel make the convivial moments such a nice time!

To finish the introduction about myself and my activity, I want to say that if you know nobody who took part at my tours and can tell you something about them, you have no choice but try them out! And honestly I warn you, if you begin, you might not be able to stop anymore!

See you on the bike!