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Bike rear panniers

Back-Roller Plus, Ortlieb rear panniers

The quality of these bike bags Ortlieb is clear from the first moment you use them and you will appreciate it even more once you travel for a longer time. The easy and fast hermetical roll closure and the extremely durable outer fabric ensure 100% protection of the content of the bag. The Back-Roller Plus panniers have a functional and strong system to apply them and take them down from the back structure of the bike. With their shoulder straps, you can carry them across your body too.

More technical data:
• reflectors
• inside pocket
• compatibility with every bike pannier

• Height 42 cm
• Width (on top) 32 cm
• Width (on the bottom) 23 cm
• Depth 17 cm
• Materials: PS36C
• Weight: 1680 g
• Capacity: 40 l
(weight and capacity of the pair of bags)

Price with delivery in Verona or during a Tour: 130 euro

Expedition in Italy: 15 euro
Possible mail order.