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Through the Euganean Hills


Among medieval villages, walled-up cities and noble Ville Venete

Dates upon request

This easy bike tour goes all around the Euganean Hills.

The first natural park in Veneto, the Euganean Hills are a group of sweet hills with volcanic origins, which rise in the middle of the Po Valley, southern-west from Padua. For the beauty of their landscapes, they have always been a privileged place for the building of villas and noble abodes. Here there are a lot of Ville Venete, we will visit two of them, possibly the most representative. We will find many others close and far along the way. We will go through the estate of Lispida Castle: the cellar, the inside garden and the wide park are lovely to discover.

The first guided tour is to the 16th century Villa Selvatico-Sartori, normally closed to the public. Arriving on a bike you can catch a glimpse of it from faraway since it's perched on the low hill overlooking the small town of Battaglia Terme. White and majestic with an oriental-like taste it has got a monumental staircase and is surrounded by a large park  which, in the early years of the 19th century was re-shaped following the English romantic mood of the time, fitting into the new layout also the three small lakes with hot water springs.

We will stop for a short visit in Este, Monselice and Aquà Petrarca too. This last town is the arrival of the first biking day, and here we will have the possibility to visit not only the city center but also the house of the great poet Petrarca, who lived here for a long time.

Our tour follows with the visit to the mighty and astonishing Abbey of Praglia, surrounded by the wide countryside, which is still cultivated by the monks, who deal among others with cosmetic, herbalist and beekeeping. Hard to resist to such delicious things! After the visit of this Abbey here’s our last jewel: the wonderful Villa dei Vescovi, renovated few years ago it now shows it a beauty as it used to be. This XVI century villa dominates a sweet hill cultivated with vineyards and maintains its original principle according to which nature and landscape can educate the soul and the mind.

Sites of interest

  • Italy’s most beautiful villages: Arquà Petrarca
  • Touring Club Italiano Orange Flag: Arquà Petrarca


This trip has already been tested and can be adapted to small or bigger groups. We propose  guided tours leaded by our guides who speak english, german, french, spanish and portuguese. We can provide this trip also without leaders as long as the group can follow the tracks using a gps since itineraries develop on broads that are not always easy to find.

On demand we can also provide other services as, for instance, a bus following the group or electric bikes and much more. Big groups are kindly invited to book in advance. 

To contact us:
Speaking english – spanish – french
Anna Magrin –

Speaking german – portuguese
Elisa Zambelli –

Services included in our previous tours

  • 1 night with breakfast in three stars hotel.
  • 1 three-course-dinners with typical local recipes,one drink (1/4 liter wine or 300 cl beer), tap water and bread are included.
  • 2 packed lunches, which includes sandwiches, fruit, a dessert, 1/2 liter water.
  • 2 tour guides by bike (one guide for groups from 12 to 17 people).
  • Visits (see the program).
  • Support van available if needed.
  • Luggage transfer from the meeting point to the hotel on the first day. Luggage transfer from the hotel to the meeting point on the following day.

Extra services

Bike renting. We can provide excellent quality bikes for the entire duration of the tour. Bikes are given and handed in on the spot.


How to Book



Duration: 2 days, 1 night, 2 biking days

When: to be defined; trip will take place upon groups reservation, small or big.

Difficulty: beginners

Where: Italy > Veneto

Tour description: The tour is a short trail with two night-stops with start and arrival in Bastia Padovana, village close to Rovolon, Teolo and Padua. The trail tracks secondary roads with low car traffic and bike paths, as the recommended part along the seashore. The road bank is asphalt or we will be pedaling on nice dirt roads. The path is mostly flat with few light climbs.

Visits: guided tour of Villa Selvatico – Sartori; Praglia Abbey; Villa dei Vescovi short visit of Lispida Castle.



Day 1
Independent travel with arrival at Bastia Padovana.
Bastia Padovana > Arquà Petrarca 
About 55 km – mainly flat path

Day 2
Arquà Petrarca > Bastia Padovana 
About 45 km – mainly flat path
Than individual way back.

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